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In light of the current health crisis, we will be offering private cooking classes online.


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What's for Dinner Wednesdays & Thursdays  ON PAUSE, PLEASE CHECK BACK OR CONTACT US

Can join at any time!  By popular demand, After School classes have resumed every Wednesday & Thursday from 4-6pm. Parents sit back, relax, no need to worry about what's for dinner for your kid. Set the table, your kid chef is bringing a mouthwatering dinner home tonight. To reserve a spot, please email Chef Tonis at:

Time: 4pm-6pm

Location: Chef Toni's Cooking Adventure

735 St. Nicholas Ave

Ste #4

Fee: $100

Becoming A Master Chef students pay $75.

Space is limited to up to 8 students.

 Book one class at the regular price or buy a package of 4 classes in advance and get the 5th class free!  


Details to follow.



This class is for students who are interested in the Culinary Arts. Here they learn proper kitchen technique, such as: how to make the perfect pie crust, roast a leg of lamb, or clean and fillet a red snapper. Students get the opportunity to learn from celebrity guest chefs and get first choice to participate at real-life catering events. Classes are every Sunday from 11am-3pm, lunch is served. Students must wear chef jackets, long pants, and closed toe shoes.

Dates: Every Sunday thru 12/27/19

Time: 11am-3pm

Location: Chef Toni's Cooking Adventures

735 St. Nicholas Ave

Ste #4

Fee: $200

Lunch is served. Space is limited. There are only 4 spots available. Book 4 days in advance and get the 5th day free for a $200 savings!

Past Events



Executive Tasting Dinner

Chef Chris Nirschel and Chef Toni brought two kid chefs to an Executive Tasting Dinner at the Digital Transformation Agency. Kids had the opportunity to see how a sommelier works at an event, assist with building a kitchen on site and cook and serve 20 of the top CFO's from the largest companies around the world. This event offers hands-on training about the catering business. Kid chefs prepped, cooked, plated and passed small bites as well as served guests at the dinner table.

Celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud

Chef Chris Nirschel and Chef Toni cooked at a charity event hosted by top NYC influencers and building owners. Celebrity chef Daniel Boulud and ex-Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield were in attendance as special guests. 

Chef Chris and Chef Toni cooked at the annual Plate by Plate charity event at the elegant Landmark on the Park on Friday, October 18. It was a BEAUTIFUL venue! The benefit focused on helping charities that are combating different types of homelessness. Kid chefs assisted with prepping, cooking, food styling and serving celebrity guests, and more importantly they learned about philanthropy, humanitarianism, and altruism. 

Heart Stories from Chef Toni


Dear Parents, I've been having fun planning fun cooking adventures for our kid chefs this Fall, they're all listed below. My After School Chefs Program is back with a bang! No need to sweat about what to cook for your kid chefs for dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Set the table, sit back and relax, your kids are bringing a delicious dinner home tonight! Becoming A Master Chef Sunday classes are going strong and turning kid chefs into future head chefs. They just learned about cleaning and filleting a whole red snapper that they baked with fresh herbs and a variety of julliened vegetables in parchment (en Papillote), what a wonderful production it was to open up the finished dish, ah the aroma! They also learned how to cook a perfect salmon. It's all in the mouth waters remembering it. They were sent home with their own ingredients to replicate at home and serve to delighted parents. Learn more about Sunday classes below. And here's the cherry-on-the top exciting news; Food Network Star, Chef Chris Nirschel and I are partnering once again to provide kids interested in the culinary field with exciting, educational, adventures around New York to expose them to all facets of the food industry. We call it Eating the World in New York City. We're starting with a trip to Chinatown and Little Italy. Read all about it below and I bet you'll wish you could tag along. Adding to the fun, we're continuing our behind the scenes, real-life catering adventures. Here, kid chefs will join us for a unique opportunity to learn about what it takes to successfully execute the perfect culinary experience for celebrities and top NYC influencers that host private dinners, corporate events, fundraisers and other special occasions. Our first event is for an executive tasting dinner hosted by Digital Transformation Agency for 20 of the top Chief Financial Officers from the largest companies around the world followed by a fundraiser in the sky loft at Atelier where our kid chefs will get the chance to meet celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, a rare opportunity and what a treat! I'm sure he will be intrigued at their participation at such a grown up event. Next, its on to Plate by Plate's annual charity event at the beautiful Landmark on the Park. This year their focus is on combating different types of homelessness. These are not just culinary opportunities for our kids, they are once in a lifetime experiences that give them an inside look at philanthropy that can leave an indelible impression. Be sure to enroll quickly as we're only 3 and 4 days away from two of the events and we only have space for 2 kid chefs for each event. Not to worry, however, there are more exciting adventures like this one ahead.

Take a look at the pictures above, they are my summer camp heart stories to you, to take you along, so you can see how much hard work and effort goes into prepping, cooking, plating and presenting a three course meal. You wouldn't believe the creativity your kids come up with working together as a team with strange mystery basket and ridiculous sabotage ingredients. They create dishes unheard of and tastes you have to be there to believe. Look at with what anticipation they await as celebrity chef Chris Nirschel tries to decide which appetizer tasted the yummiest, was more creative, and more eye-catching on the plate. Tough job, I should know! Afterwards he made an absolutely delicious, Chicken Marsala that they had to replicate, and WOW look at one of the results! Chicken Marsala with creminii mushrooms over a cloud of fluffy, buttery, mashed potatoes that left an unexpected hint of chili pepper, their "secret ingredient." Nicely done, and YUM! Don't you wish you had been there? Also above, are two Becoming A Master Chef students waiting with anticipation to get to work behind-the-scenes at one of those real life catering events that I mentioned. Check out Chef M as she confidently plates the salads. What a fun and exciting night they both had ending with guests giving them a standing ovation. They still talk about it! These are the kinds of experiences that have given three of my students the confidence to audition and compete on national television for shows such as Master Chef Jr., Top Chef, Jr., and Chopped Jr. For that, I am overjoyed. As for me, nothing could've made me prouder than helping my BMC students pick out their personal chefs knives at Chelsea Market. It's a milestone, and boy had they earned it! A big congratulations to them!

Stay tuned, there are more delicious Heart Stories to come! We've had a Mouthwatering Summer! With Love, Chef Toni


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